Carriageworks is awarded Creative Laureate as part of 2016 NSW Creative Achievement Awards

Art Announcement from Australia. Published by Carriageworks on Tuesday 07 June 2016.

Carriageworks has been chosen as one of only two Creative Laureates as part of this year’s NSW Creative Achievement Awards. Carriageworks, led by Director Lisa Havilah, was selected for the award for its skilful leadership in balancing commercial, entrepreneurial and artistic imperatives to create a vibrant, dynamic and unique Sydney urban experience, for both locals and visitors.

The New South Wales Creative Achievement Awards, now in their third year, are a NSW Government initiative to recognise outstanding achievements that raise the global profile of NSW creative industries. There are two award categories NSW Creative Laureate and NSW Emerging Creative Talent Award. The panel determined that this year both Carriageworks and the Director of Museum of Contemporary Art Australia Elizabeth Ann Macgregor were to be awarded the Creative Laureate, while florist Dr Lisa Cooper won the Emerging Creative Talent Award. All three recipients become Ambassadors for NSW Creative Industries for the year.

The panel determined that Carriageworks exemplified significant leadership, capability in the arts and has contributed to increasing the global profile of NSW creative industries in a positive manner. In 2015 alone, Carriageworks presented more than 45 projects and more than 800 artists. The panel praised its proven business and operational models for enabling programs that are intentionally bold and diverse, supported by a culture of partnership and collaboration, and also recognised its programs as supremely inclusive, reflecting the cultural and social demographic of Sydney and NSW.

Carriageworks supports industry development and fosters international opportunities, entering into partnerships to facilitate access to markets and professional pathways that support existing and emerging artists. It also supports artists to take creative risks by, for example, providing multi-year support. The combined result of this work is an effective, highly regarded and highly visited contemporary arts and cultural institution.