Join the conversation around Bertrand Lavier’s work at Art Basel

Art Blog Story from Switzerland. Published by ArtAndOnly - Platform for Art Collectors on Friday 01 July 2016.

Pebble Beach, East Lake, Manga image

For over 40 years, renowned artist Bertrand Lavier has been a leading figure in the movement of appropriation and ready-mades. Well-known for covering everyday objects in thick, visible “Van Gogh-brushwork’ the objects often become a painted image of themselves. At Art Basel this year, the Kewenig gallery presented a stunning acrylic on plexiglas mirror triptych entitled Pebble Beach, East Lake, Manga.
Lavier’s much-talked about impasto covers most of the reflective surface and more than distorting a person’s attempt to see themselves, this effectively prevents it. If his past work covered furniture and antiquities in thick medium to elevate them from banal objects to fine art, is this Lavier’s way of covering the viewer in the same vein? Or does the distortion of a person’s reflection conflict with vanity and ultimately have the opposite effect?

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