Todd Fuller at Dark MOFO

Museum of Old and New Art's Midwinter festival

Art Announcement from Australia. Published by MAY SPACE on Wednesday 08 June 2016.

Todd Fuller at Dark MOFO image

As a part of the MONA's Dark MOFO, Constance ARI presents Neither Here Nor There. Taking place within the tunnels beneath Railway Roundabout (aka. Fountain Roundabout), this free display of creativity will utilise the depth and darkness of this space.

Todd Fuller’s newest hand-drawn film is in collaboration with Karin Chan and it animates the courtship between dog and moon. This unlikely love story has been selected to be a part of MOFO’s underground experience.

Neither Here Nor There
Presented by Constance ARI – Curated by Rebecca Holmes

“Constance ARI is bringing together two artists and an architect based in Tasmania, and three mainland artists, to explore creative practice in public spaces through distant collaborations. There may be romance. There may be Satanism. There may be dancing.

Collaborations: Lucy Parakhina (TAS) and Natasha Manners (VIC); Karin Chan (TAS) and Todd Fuller (NSW); James Wilson (TAS) and Connie Anthes (NSW)Curated by Rebecca Holmes"