New in the Stockroom

O'Donnell, Boynes, Tilley, Curtis and Tavener

Art Announcement from Australia. Published by MAY SPACE on Thursday 07 July 2016.

Robert Boynes, 'Question Time 4' 2015, acrylic on board 25 x 30cm image Catherine O'Donnell 'Urban dwellings series 14' 2016 pencil on paper, 28.5 x 25.5cm Frame size: 41.5 x 38.5cm image Sybil Curtis, 'Southern Light' 2016 oil on linen, 35 x 35cm. image Janet Tavener, 'Custard Apples' 2016, archival digital print image

Artworks that have recently enetered the Brenda May Gallery Stockroom include:

Robert Boynes
Portraying brawling men in business shirts, three works by Robert Boynes with the common title, ‘Question Time’, are now available in the Stockroom.

Catherine O’Donnell
Two intimate renderings by Catherine O’Donnell have just entered our stockroom for sale. These works portray isolated moments of everyday architecture and tie into her upcoming exhibition at Brenda May Gallery, 1 to 27 October 2016.

Sybil Curtis
Ironically featuring tall silos in varied blue hues, two new small-scale paintings by Sybil Curtis have also just arrived in our stockroom. In these works we see Curtis’s ability to strip her otherwise representational works of distracting elements, to highlight the forms and features she finds most interesting. While these two works show contrasting types of light and differing imagery, there is a strong diagonal in the centre-bottom of each painting, drawing attention to the darker areas of the work.

Janet Tavener
Two new photographic works by Janet Tavener are now available. Both works depict sweet treats that have been transformed into ice sculptures and photographed. These works take on the appearance of a landscape, with the edible items as a focal point within the reflective terrain.

Peter Tilley:
The sculpture ‘Navigating Life’, which was recently awarded second place in the 2016 Gardens Sculpture Prize (indoor sculpture section), is now on view at Brenda May Gallery.

Peter Tilley has a set of symbolic motifs that he uses and reconfigures within many of his sculptures. This particular piece incorporates a solitary figure, a vessel, a staircase and a low hanging cloud. The mixture of varying timbers treated in different ways that compose ‘Navigating Life’ are also an emblematic feature within Tilley’s practice.

Peter Tilley, ‘Navigating Life’ 2016
mixed timbers, Forton MG, gold leaf, paint, 80 × 25 × 28cm.