Julian Oliver's Atocha 24 Insertions

Art Press Release from Australia. Published by Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon on Tuesday 07 July 2009.

Julian Oliver's Atocha 24 Insertions image

If you're wondering what the world looks like through the eyes of a gamer cum architect cum artist, then take a look at Atocha 24 Insertions, an edited version of an installation work Julian Oliver recently made for the exhibition Hambre '09 in Madrid.

Julian Oliver is a well-known New Zealand artist working with computer game technologies, and a good friend of mine from the days we blogged together on the site he founded – Selectparks.

In Atocha 24 Insertions Oliver has inserted hyper-real virtual sculptures into a hand-held, documentary video of the gallery space in which the piece is shown (a fantastic disused building in Madrid). His accurate lighting effects and detailed camera tracking make the viewer perceive the virtual sculptures to be unnervingly located in the gallery space, although visitors to the show could look around and notice that the sculptures were not there at all, rather a bunch of other artist’s works were.

There’s something teasing and friendly about these pieces, like a cartoon character you wish you could play with. I’m hoping that their extraordinarily plane simplicity of existence will be possible in my ‘real’ world somehow, whichever that one is now.

Documentation of ‘Atocha 24 Insertions’, Hambre 09 from Julian Oliver on Vimeo.