what ELSE can we do?

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Art News from United States. Published by anonymous on Wednesday 16 November 2016.

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Art is subversive because it changes what and how we think and act; because doing what you want and what’s important to you is resistance; because showing up is the best we can do.

We’re in the world and its chaos:
we can change the way we think about things
we can imagine
we can find new ways of doing and being
we can see other perspectives
we can consider
we can think and make and discuss critically
we can question
we can fail and fail better
we can privilege ideas
we can dream
we can succeed.

Work and study where you live with creatives from all over the globe! We support putting your practice first.

Start your MFA journey with artists, writers, thinkers at the unschool art school this January with Advanced Standing. Apply by December 1st for January 9th start. Fast track to our unique low-residency Studio PhD. Scholarships available.

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Transart MFA

Summer residencies in Berlin and winter in New York City are the collective core of a graduate program in trans-disciplinary art with one-on-one advisement during the academic year.

The international and flexible program to provide a protected space for experimentation, risk and the free exchange of ideas—is based on the assumption that each student (and not any “educator” ) is the expert on where artistic practice might lead.

Rolling admissions for fall 2017.

Transart Studio PhD

Our PhD recognizes your art practice as research and was created out of a pragmatic desire to alter the way artists think, speak and write about their work. It fosters a subtle but crucial shift to acknowledge that imagination, creative thinking and problem solving, and the ebb and flow of making and/or social action are important and vital forms of knowledge themselves.

And that by thinking differently about what we do changes what we do.

The Transart PhD creates a forum in which your research—the artwork and the ideas that precede, accompany and follow—is nurtured, challenged and above all encouraged. Our a-disciplinary model is designed to enrich artists’ praxis; foster change; facilitate a connection between group and individual work; provide the means for contextualizing work in the wider world; and develop interactive strategies with audiences.

Rolling admissions for fall 2017.

Summer Academy

Guest artists and curators attend the summer academy to get a creative surge, revitalize their practice, gain fresh perspectives on their work, experiment in a protected, supportive environment and/or to strike out in new directions. They are typically mid-career artists and curators who wish to join graduate and doctoral students in workshops, lectures, critiques, exhibitions, and events. Transart can help you design a self-study program, support your praxis and advise you on an MFA or PhD proposal. Transartists continue to exhibit, publish, perform and discuss with their international community.

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