- because that's really what we want

Art Press Release from Australia. Published by Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon on Thursday 11 March 2010. - because that's really what we want image Ben Frost coasters set 2. AUD$65 image 'Stacks' by Mark Drew. AUD$85. Edition of 50. image Mexican Eagle. Beastman. AUD$70 image

Australian pop-art icon Ben Frost has teamed up with mate Gerard Cranney to launch an online art portal. Selling directly from the interwebs are some original artworks and a variety of other Stupid Krap that'll make you wish you weren't having a personal financial crisis.

Unfortunately much of the stock is sold out, however if you hop you your hyperlinks you can still grab some stupidly seks Ben Frost coasters and other artworks and merch by Australia’s coolsie-chat street-art scene-makers.