The Goggomobil D'Art Project

Robert Clinch

Art News from Australia. Published by anonymous on Wednesday 01 March 2017.

Robert Clinch and the Goggomobil D'Art Project image Robert Clinch Match-Race 2016 image Robert Clinch Pythagoras 2016 image Robert Clinch : The Goggomobil D'Art Project image The Goggomobil D'art Project image The Goggomobil D'art Project image

The iconic Goggomobil Dart car and distinctive painted paper darts by Melbourne contemporary artist Robert Clinch collide to create a unique objet d’art in this intriguing project resulting in a remarkable painted art car showing at Lauraine Diggins Fine Art from 25 March to 6 May 2017, along with paintings and drawings and a preview of a forthcoming documentary.

The classic 1960s Australian designed and built Goggomobil Dart sports car is an aesthetic object in itself. Here it is transformed to another level, peppered with painted paper darts by Robert Clinch.

The Goggomobil was named and designed by Bill Buckle who thought ‘Dart’ summed up the tiny, good-looing little sports car. The sense of flight and fun implied by paper darts is a perfect fit for the Dart car.

Classic car collector Jeff Brown, son of renowned art dealer Joseph Brown whose collection is a highlight of the National Gallery of Victoria, collaborated with Robert Clinch to conceive this stimulating project. Robert’s hyper-real paintings and works on paper depicting urban Melbourne often feature paper darts, which have become somewhat of a signature motif.

No two darts painted on the car are the same and narratives present themselves through the various groupings, such as D’Artagnan – a large dart shadowed by three smaller darts. The exhibition features Clinch’s paintings and drawings, which served as inspiration for the methodically positioned painted darts, telling a multitude of stories over the surface of the car.

The Goggomobil D’Art Project will be unveiled on Saturday 25th March 2017 at Lauraine Diggins Fine Art and as well as the feature car, the exhibition will include working drawings and paintings and a preview of forthcoming documentary about the project by Karl von Moller.

25 MARCH – 6 MAY 2017