Art.Base now allows users to manage multiple Artist and Art Professional Profiles

Art Announcement from Australia. Published by Art.Base on Monday 01 May 2017.

We've recently added a new feature to our website to allow you to manage more than one personal profile. The feature is part of our new business-level subscription, still at a very low fee annual fee. Art.Base provides online marketing for arts professionals the world over. We offer low fees to make our marketing platform accessible by people living in diverse economies.

To access this feature, users must have a Professional Subscription

Once subscribed, you can use the ‘People’ administration area to add an unlimited number of People Profiles. This allows Galleries and other Art Organisations to promote the Artists represented at their gallery.

We welcome all types of professional people working in the arts. If your job description isn’t listed as an option, just get in touch to request a new ‘type’ of profession, and we’ll add this to the list of people types on our website.

People profiles appear in our online directory of art professionals and can be linked to the News, Event, Product and Service listings the person is associated with.