New Feature: Join the discussion by adding your comments across Art.Base

Art.Base now allows you to comment on any profile or listing

Art Announcement from Australia. Published by Art.Base on Sunday 29 October 2017.

Art.Base now allows users to add comments to any listing or profile, allowing our community to discuss the artists and art businesses, and their associated activities and products, on our website.

You need to be logged in to add comments.

Once you’ve logged in, comments can be accessed at the bottom of any listing or profile by clicking on the ‘Discuss’ button.

When a comment is added to an existing listing or profile, the discussion will be bumped to the top of our discussion board.

Your history of comments will also appear on your User Profile (accessible when logged in by viewing Profiles > User in the administration menu.

Prior to this upgrade, we only supported comments on some types of profiles and listings, and any discussion created directly on our discussion board.