New Product Types added

Publish your Online Resources and Portals in Art.Base

Art Announcement from Australia. Published by Art.Base on Thursday 14 June 2018.

We've added 'Online Resources' and 'Portals' to the list of product types you can promote on Art.Base. We encourage members to add their Online Resources and Portals to our database. Products such as these are considered for promotion in our email newsletter. To get started, check out the rich collection of online resources that the Monash Gallery of Art have on offer.

You can view our lists of specific product types by filtering the list of all Products published on Art.Base. For example, by clicking on “Products” in the website header, and then selecting Online Resources from the dropdown list, you can see the list of Online Resources which have been published in our database.

We welcome members to publish all kinds of products, both physical and digital. Members who would like a new product type added may contact us with this request via our contact form