Internationally acclaimed artist Ryoji Ikeda returnse to Carriageworks with monumental installation micro | macro

Ikeda tests the limits of what is observable and knowable in our universe in an attempt to understand it, and make it visible to us all.

Art News from Australia. Published by anonymous on Monday 25 June 2018.

Ryoji Ikeda, the planck universe [macro], 2015 Image Martin Wagenhan Courtesy of ZKM  Karlsruhe  image

Developed during a residency at CERN, European Organisation for Nuclear Research in Switzerland, micro | macro is an immersive installation which sits at the intersection of art and quantum physics. Ikeda utilises the Planck Scale (which measures the smallest components of the universe – atoms) as a way to contrast our human scale to the microscopic and unobservable.

Ikeda pioneers new technologies and tests the limits of what is observable and knowable in our universe in an attempt to understand it and make it visible. The new installations being presented at Carriageworks were developed during a residency at Switzerland’s CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, and, as with many of his artworks, micro | macro explores the intersection of art and science, in this case the very materials that make up our universe.

Presented in a theatrical context and covering 172.8 square metres of exhibition space inside Carriageworks, the first work titled the planck universe [micro] explores the building blocks of matter and is a representation of nature that is infinitesimally small, brought to human scale by enlarging it by a measure of 10-35m.

The second installation in the exhibition, the planck universe [macro], features an immense wall projection over 10 metres tall, that seeks to depict nature, scanned from human scale to the cosmological scale beyond our observable universe. The installation explores expressive new forms at the frontier of the visual arts and promises to immerse visitors.

As one of Japan’s leading electronic composers and visual artists, Ryoji Ikeda has gained a reputation as one of the few international artists working convincingly across both visual and sonic media. Ikeda started working with light as a medium in the 1990s and his work is characterised by mathematical precision. He elaborately orchestrates sound, visuals, materials, physical phenomena and mathematical notions into immersive live performances and installations.

Artist Ryoji Ikeda commented: “My work is created by reducing sound, light and the world into sine waves, pixels and data… so that the world can be viewed once more at a different resolution.”
Through the process of exploring the outer limits of our cosmos perceivable by humans as well as that which is knowable and measurable, Ryoji Ikeda is attempting to bring an understanding of the universe, and our place within it.