Fusion Art Announces the Winners of the 3rd Annual Waterscapes Art Exhibition

Art News from United States. Published by Fusion Art on Saturday 01 September 2018.

3rd Annual Waterscapes Art Exhibition image

Fusion Art is pleased to announce the opening of the 3rd Annual Waterscapes International Art Exhibition. The exhibition is now available for viewing on the Fusion Art website and features awards in three categories: Traditional Art, Digital Art & Photography and 3-Dimensional Art.

For this competition, both 2D and 3D artists were encouraged to share their best work depicting any type of body of water including the ocean, lakes, rivers, ponds, streams, coastal living, any ocean activities, seaside vistas, beaches, and any related seashore or lakeside subjects. All artists, over the age of 18, regardless of location or experience, were encouraged to submit their best representational or abstract waterscapes art and photography.

The Waterscapes Best in Show winners are Mark Kaufman for his watercolor and acrylic, “Storm", Ken Murphy for his photograph, “Pass Harbor” and Candace Liddy for her cast bronze and Brazilian agate, “Broomtails.” Mark, Ken and Candace are Fusion Art’s Featured Artists for the month of September 2018 and, as the Best in Show winners, all three artists are invited to participate in Fusion Art’s 3rd Annual Group Show in Palm Springs in February 2019.

Other award winners include Second Place winners, Jackson Lee for his acrylic on artboard, “In a Better Light”, Esther Byrt for her digital art, “What Lies Beneath,” and Todd McAneeley for his wood on wood, “You’re It.” Third Place awards were given to Leah Dockrill for her acrylic on canvas, “Sky, Stone and Sea,” Joel Porterfield for his digital photograph, "The Edge of the Map,” and Carole Hatcher for her assemblage sculpture, “Salton Sea Concretions.” Fourth Place awards were given to Hunter Jay for his acrylic on canvas, “Siwash Rock” and Tim Shields for his digital photograph, “The Island’s Spirit.” Fifth Place awards were given to Ibolya Taligas for her watercolor, “Early Morning Mist” and Sheri Emerson for her digital photograph, “Storm Approaching.”

Rounding out the awards for the exhibition are twelve Honorable Mention winners. Honorable Mention awards in the Traditional Art category are given to Glen A. Schofield for his acrylic on canvas, “Hawaiian Beach”; Nathan Smallwood for his oil on canvas, “Black Cliff Side”; Laurie Elizabeth McKinley for her acrylic on canvas, “Serenity (Santa Barbara Coast)”; Joshua Smith for his oil on canvas, “Dream of Belize”; Jeffrey Pancoast for his oil on hardboard, “Mystery Point Twilight”; and Garry Arzumanyan for his oil on canvas, “Sailor.”

Honorable Mention awards in the Digital & Photography category are given to Randy Gaul for his digital painting, “Ethereal Touch”; John Moses for his archival pigment print, “River Taf Estuary, Laugharne, Wales”; Don Porter for his digital photograph, “Lake Piñon”; Marilyn Smith for her photograph, “Iceland 03”; Martha Nance for her photograph, “Heron on the White River, Arkansas”; and Nicholas Kozis for his digital art, “Four Birds.”

The remaining finalists in the exhibition all exemplified uniquely creative talents and we are honored to showcase their artwork on the Fusion Art website.
The international competition received a diverse collection of quality artwork from artists all around the world, including the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, Israel, Armenia, France, Hong Kong, Austria, China, Columbia and Spain. The exhibition will be featured on the Fusion Art website for the month of September 2018.

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To view the exhibition and for further information on all the winners and finalists, please visit Fusion Art’s website: https://fusionartps.com/3rd-waterscapes-art-exhibition-september-2018/.