Return of the Radio Narrative; Paper Radio now streaming fiction and documentary

Art Press Release from Australia. Published by Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon on Friday 30 April 2010.

Return of the Radio Narrative; Paper Radio now streaming fiction and documentary image

Hello there,

The aerial is up, and the volume is turned on. This week, a new voice in Australian and New Zealand culture began broadcasting to the world, bringing you stories tall and true from the idiosyncratic South.

Paper Radio also launched. Welcome!

We started Paper Radio with the idea of materialising something we felt was missing from our headphones – a contemporary podcast reflecting our unique Antipodean culture, with high production values, custom sound design and illustration for each episode.

Our aim is to produce accessible and interesting fiction and documentary work from Australasia. We know it exists – we’ve seen it in print, and we’ve heard the tales told. We think these stories deserve to fill speaker cabinets, headphone cables, station wagons and lounge rooms the world over. After all, everybody could use some company while they’re entering the data, grilling the cheese, riding the train or patting a cat.

Paper Radio begins with a work from Gold Coast writer Chris Somerville. The episode is a production of The Drowning Man – the story of an aloof teacher whose life is defined and dominated by the irascible temperament of water.

Chris’s piece christens our FM (fiction) channel. Coming up next, in May, we present the first documentary for our AM (non-fiction) channel – a piece by Melbourne’s Georgia Moodie. In her story, Georgia rewinds to the 1920s to trace the troubled journey of Sonny Clay’s Coloured Idea – the first African American jazz musicians to tour Australia.

The future holds audio productions from New Zealand writers Rachel O’Neill and Thomasin Sleigh, and Australia’s Benjamin Law. We publish new stories monthly or, if we’re having a good spell, a little more often.

Finally: we’re planning an official launch event in Melbourne soon. So dust off your bow ties and hand claps, and keep the wax out of your ears.

Thanks for tuning in.

With our bests,

Jessie Borrelle and Jon Tjhia
Executive Producers