Review: Art Melbourne 2010

Art Press Release from Australia. Published by Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon on Sunday 25 April 2010.

Art Melbourne 2010

Royal Exhibition Building, Nicholson Street, Carlton, Victoria, Australia
Dates: April 22 – 25 2010

The Weekend Australian Art Melbourne 2010 is an expo of “affordable art” where galleries from across Australia and overseas come together to show their represented artists.

The event focuses on easy art purchasing for the gallery-shy and as a representation of art and culture, Art Melbourne 2010 signifies nothing. Most of the work exhibited is about product, put there to sell and any indication of creative or cultural process is quite absent.

Throughout the show the lines between ornamentation and fine art are blurred and the viewer is presented with a mass of stylish compositions, David Bromley-esque figures and fashionable palettes. Much of the work seems to have been produced solely for the art fair and if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then the “affordable art scene” is a very complimentary place.

Among all of this, though there are a some genuinely beautiful pieces of work that allow the viewer to immerse themselves and properly engage with the art. The exhibitors that do make the show worth visiting are James Makin and Lindberg galleries who are showing stunning examples of panting and drawing, from early and mid career artists. Obscura Gallery presents the striking photography of Emma Hack and at the Brunswick Street Gallery you will actually find a diverse range of emerging talent.

For the $20 entry fee and to get the most out of the expo, it is important to make the distinction early, between investing in an artist’s work and the flip-it-quickly approach the art fair has taken.

The Weekend Australian Art Melbourne fair continues until Sunday April 25th.