Shawn Marshall recently selected as Best in Show at Camelback Gallery

Shawn's painting titled, "Stirring Sky" - Medium: Oil on Canvas, Chosen as Best in Show

Art News from United States. Published by Camelback Gallery on Wednesday 10 June 2020.

Shawn Marshall image

Shawn recently entered Camelback Gallery's International Online Juried "Shades of Blue" 2020 Painting Competition. This is an annual event.

“Painting is a meditative practice for me; an outlet to release intuitive energy and let go of preconceived notions or self-imposed rules about how I interpret and portray the world. Using palette knives and brushes, I strive to create depth, atmosphere, and escapes on the canvas, often with a focus on the horizon. Details which give clues about season or specific location are not as important as the emphasis on the point where earth and sky meet. And though reaching that point is never truly possible, it suggests there is always hope. This painting was inspired by the natural beauty and “magic” I see at the line on the horizon where the ocean meets the sky. It is not a specific location or place but an impression of the meeting of earth and sky, where I often find hope." Shawn