Art overruns the MCG this Saturday

Art Press Release from Australia. Published by Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon on Friday 28 May 2010.

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This will be unmissable! Artists will be taking over the MCG tomorrow. For a sneak preview of one of the projects, watch the video below.

From the media release:

The sacred arena of the Melbourne Cricket Ground will look at little different this Saturday when the Next Wave Festival takes over to display works by emerging artists.

A keynote project of the 2010 Next Wave Festival, Sports Club 2: The Arena is a head-on collision of contemporary art and sport cultures. Fifteen artists have created works around the Ground – from the stands to subterranean corridors, the players rooms and coaching boxes, from the boardrooms to the hallowed turf itself. All will be thrown open to the public to explore. This is a fantastic opportunity for the public to access parts of the MCG usually reserved for professional athletes, officials and the media.

Through these provocative, playful and meditative artworks, The Sports Club Project explores the common risks and triumphs experienced by artists and athletes, and how their broader culture and administration influences their work. What follows is an explosion of practice and training; discipline and endurance; spectator and spectacle; gender and power; success and failure.

This one-off event takes place on Saturday, 29 May between 1-8pm. Enter via Gate 1. Admission is free.


Atlanta Eke POINTS (1pm and 4pm) – The boundary line becomes the source of the action in a durational performance that ignores the TV close-ups in favour of what is going on in direct view Corey Castle Coda Motivation (2pm, 3pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm and 7pm) – The MCG is re-imagined as a queer sporting ground, in a members-only club that cross-checks sporting culture with queer culture Luke Hand and Sasha Margolis It’s More Than A Game (2.30pm, 3.30pm, 4.30pm, 5.30pm and 6.30pm) – Two separate sound collages that recreate the atmosphere of a dramatic match will be played in the MCG grandstands: one through the grand PA and speakers, the other through headphones located in the seats The List Operators Last on the List (3pm, 4pm, 5pm and 6pm) – Recall the childhood horror of being divided into teams in an interactive performance by comedy duo The List Operators in the players’ change rooms Brooke Stamp Venus devotional (5pm, 6pm, 7pm) – Watch in quite reverence as a performer conveys the vastness of the MCG in a solo dance in the middle of the field

Installations open all day:

Bindi Cole – A photographic, video and sculptural installation that explores the public image of Aboriginal sporting achievement and questions, why are they so good? Madeline Kidd Washroom – The ice baths of the players’ change rooms will be transformed into warm sanctuaries complete with bubble baths, wine, champagne, rose petals and artworks Keith Lim Battle Spree in The ‘G – ongoing – Tackle the game’s greats beneath the grandstands of the MCG in a Mortal Kombat-style video game Kasia Lynch Performance anxiety and the eternal external continuum – Psyche yourself up ahead of the game in a series of pre-competition rituals involving large-scale objects in the main space of the MCG change rooms Rennie McDougall Just Watch Me – Crowd behaviour is explored in a performance in the spectator viewing cage of the players’ change rooms Jordan Maisie The Grand (Stand) Off – Decide who wins in a face-off between two wooden kinetic sculptures in a comment on third umpire technology Michael Ozone Utility Device – A re-imagining of gymnasium equipment presented in the warm-up area of the second change room Julie Traitsis Of Sights Specific – A series of photographic portraits of the MCG by a cross-section of the sporting community on display throughout the arena Martin Hansen Sport Macht Dick – Witness McEnroe-style dummy spits between performers and the audience in table tennis games played out in the massage and strapping room

The grand finale:

Carl Scrase OS flare performance (7.30pm) – Twenty red and orange boating flares will be set off to conclude the night. Watch a video of the test run below

Sports Club has been curated by Thea Baumann, Ulanda Blair, Jeff Khan, Kyle Kremerskothen and Joseph O’Farrell as part of the 2010 Next Wave Festival.

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