Jan Griggs, Best in Show

“I love abstract painting because it allows so much freedom for interpretation for both the artist and the viewer. Colors, shapes, lights and darks can be arranged and re-arranged to create the feeling and emotion coming from within the artist." Jan

Art News from United States. Published by Camelback Gallery on Saturday 22 August 2020.

Jan Griggs image

Jan Griggs entered Camelback Gallery’s International Online Juried Painting Competition. The theme was “All Abstracts”. The jurors chose “From Within” as the Best in Show. What a wonderful painting depicting the theme of this competition. See the entire show- link below!

Other award winners include:

Award of Excellence
Michelle Reeves

Merit Awards
Pat Saunders-White, Sahyly Martinez, Laura Pollak, C.J. Shane, Lillie Morris, Jen Sterling, Doina Iacob, Donald E. Wendland

Shannon Tracy, Tori Allen, Gail Wilson AKA G. Liz, Judith Rhue, Zimeng Wang, Connie Rogers, Chuck Jones, Cyndy Baran, Sahyly Martinez, Ralph Turturro, Michael Wagner, Linda Lane Haynes, Lauren Arnold, Jan Griggs, Jan Creelman, Diane Leon