Paco Martin

Best in Show Award - SHADES OF RED 2020 | International Juried Visual Arts Competition

Art News from United States. Published by Camelback Gallery on Friday 04 September 2020.

Paco Martin image

Paco Martin recently entered Camelback Gallery's International Juried SHADES OF RED Visual Arts Competition. His artwork titled "Gumballs" was selected as the BEST IN SHOW. Congratulations Paco!

Paco Martín has been passionate about colored pencils since the time he was in Elementary School in Madrid, Spain. When he was in College, Paco realized that all the self-taught techniques that he had acquired that far were not enough. He needed some formal training and guidance, and he found it through the lessons of artists Sarita Muñiz, Aurelio Rodríguez, Rubén Belloso and Enrique Donoso. Through these masters he learned a lot of valuable techniques that he was able to apply with colored pencils. He learned how to paint with oils and he was captivated by pastels. The new learning also helped him to still improve with colored pencils, and Paco realized that colored pencils were his technique. Colored pencils became his language as an artist. His work became meticulous, even obsessive, carefully observing the world around. He experimented with shapes, volumes, textures, and composition, trying to recreate the harmonious beauty of small objects of everyday life, which are a form of art for him.