Kathy S. Copsey

Best in Show Award | Into the Wild 2020 International Juried Competition

Art News from United States. Published by Camelback Gallery on Friday 23 October 2020.

Kathy S. Copsey image

Kathy recently entered Camelback Gallery's International Online Juried Painting Competition, Into the Wild 2020. Her painting "The Spirit of Warriors and Ancestors" was selected by jury as the Best in Show. The exhibition is now online at CamelbackGallery.com. The URL link is provided below.

Kathy’s statement about this painting:

“There are times when we must be warriors, fighting for what we believe in and for our dreams. But, we also must know when to stop and listen for guidance from our ancestors as well. We must be strong, yet gentle with the meek. Confident, yet humble. Courageous, yet compassionate & understanding of those who live in fear. See ourselves as having value, and yet be generous to those around us in need. When to speak, and when to listen. Everyone has battles & challenges, often ones we do or can not necessarily see. With time and experience often comes wisdom we must learn to share with others in compassionate ways. Even when we may not agree with another’s opinion, we must respect the beliefs and views of others. We are all different and yet all the same as brothers and sisters, so we must always be willing to learn and listen and always be kind to each other so we can create a better world for all. So listen for the wisdom of the spirit of the ancestors to guide you on your journey so you may reach all your goals and dreams.” Kathy