Mariclair Plante awarded Best in Show

Mairclair received the Best in Show Platinum award for her painting "Effervescence" in Camelback Gallery's International Juried All Abstracts 2021 Competition.

Art News from United States. Published by Camelback Gallery on Thursday 09 September 2021.

Artist Mariclair Plante image

Artist Locale: Sherbrooke, Qu├ębec, Canada Title of work: Effervescence Medium: Mixed Media

Inspired by abstract expressionist currents and automatism, the painter Mariclair Plante produces vibrant and poetic works. Freed from constraints, she paints listening to her emotional feelings. His first inspiration will be his experience and his non-figurative path. This commands a state of being in suspension finally free from interference. What some call the quest for emptiness. She comes to this state by meditating and listening only to the drum of her heart. It is from there that the correspondences spring up in “synchronicity” with his gestures which then become both the antennae and the vehicle of his emotional universe. Moreover, it is the initial gesture which will guide all the others expressing a great whole, indefinite and nevertheless singularly present. Its mission is to add a touch of sensitivity and happiness to everyone’s daily life by coloring indescribable emotions with words.

See the online exhibition at: – link below