That Country That Drowned by Jan Grarup

Solo Exhibition March 1 - April 30, 2022

Art News from United States. Published by All About Photo on Wednesday 02 March 2022.

South Soudan 2021 © Jan Grarup image

All About Photo is pleased to present 'The Country that Drowned' by Jan Grarup

Part of the exclusive online showroom developed by All About Photo, this exhibition is on view for the months of March and April 2022 and includes twenty photographs from the series ‘The Country that Drowned’


The climate crisis is no longer just the future It takes place now and here. It demands human life and it destroys the future of children. South Sudan is experiencing severe floods in its fourth year, which is a direct consequence of climate change. 800,000 people have lost their homes to the water masses, and every day that number is getting bigger. The roads are washed away along with crops, cattle, clean water and toilets. Emergency aid in the form of food and medicine cannot emerge and people are fighting across the dry land against poisonous snakes and crocodiles. The stagnant water has caused the mosquito population to explode – and with them also the cases of malaria. South Sudan is a country that is moving towards a death sentence if we do not act now. The people, and especially the children, are in dire need of a helping hand that comes with clean water, food, medicine and toilets.

Sandrine Hermand-Grisel, is the curator for this month’s show.