Next Wave Kickstart 2011 Artists Announced

Art Press Release from Australia. Published by Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon on Monday 28 February 2011.

Melbourne, Australia After thousands of inquiries, and hundreds of interviews and applications, Next Wave is excited to finally announce the following 16 artists, curators and collectives as our new Kickstart 2011 participants.

Abdul Abdullah, Nathan Beard and Casey Ayres (WA) are cross-disciplinary practitioners exploring the experience of being raised in Australia with the influence of an Asian parent. The artists have recently exhibited at Kings ARI, and Linton and Kay Contemporary. Abdul was recently named as part of Triple J’s ‘25 Under 25 + Smashin’ It.’

Alice Williams (NSW) is a writer, performer and video artist with a strong background in film studies. Her recent work has featured at Performance Space, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Serial Space, PACT and Big hArt Inc.

Atlanta Eke (VIC) is a choreographer and dancer currently working at the Performing Arts Forum in Brussels with Jan Ritesma and Xavier Le Roy. A highly unique practitioner, Atlanta has worked with Deborah Hay, Ros Warby and Russell Dumas.

Ben Koliatis and Alex Cuffe (VIC/QLD) are interested in kinetic and sonic sculptures, installations, custom made instruments, live performances and facilitating Artist Run Initiatives such as SPEC and GLTCHD. Their passion is in the innovation and discovery of new forms of instrumentation. Ben featured as part of Sports Club 1 in the 2010 Next Wave Festival.

Elizabeth Dunn (VIC) is a visual artist whose increasingly participatory, live-art practice explores endurance, collaboration, dialogue and exchange. Liz presented [please give: it a moment] with collaborator Jessie Hall at the 2010 Next Wave Festival.

Genevieve Trace and Daniel Santangeli (QLD) are Brisbane-based theatre makers who create immersive and surprising experiences for audiences. Their latest production Room 328 was part of the 2011 World Theatre Festival.

Danielle Clejand Ruth McCochie (QLD) form the curatorial collaboration inbetweenspaces. Their practice explores collaboration, documentation, categorisation and expanded object relations, as they connect to particular habits and approaches within the community.

Leisel Zink (QLD) is a contemporary dancer whose choreography is influenced by her research into body language and behavioural psychology.

Bridget Balodis, Mark Pritchard and Zoe Rouse (VIC). Mark is a theatre-maker originally from Western Sydney. His work is driven by a fascination with community, stories, language and ritual, and by a desire to create live experiences between people. Bridget is a theatre-maker whose work often involves culturally diverse groups of artists and communities. Zoe is a freelance costume and set-designer originally from Brisbane. She has designed costumes for a range of independent and main-stage theatre, opera and dance productions, as well as for video clips.

Michele Lee and Helen Huynh (VIC). Michele is a prolific playwright who gives a voice to contemporary Asian stories. Michele has written various plays about Hmong people, including a radio play last year that was developed through the ABC Radio National Ian Reed Writers Residency. In 2009 she undertook a 3-month residency in Laos. Helen is a multimedia producer who for six years produced the current affairs radio programVoicebox on 3CR. Voicebox addressed issues relevant to young Vietnamese people, which is thematically aligned with the Channel 31 television program she is currently producing.

Natalie Abbott (VIC) is a dancer, choreographer and performance-maker whose interdisciplinary practice actively encourages audience participation and sensory immersion, often through the use of video and sound.

Mutation Theatre (VIC) is a Melbourne-based new and experimental theatre company founded and directed by Patrick McCarthy. Mutation Theatre creates holistic theatrical experiences that aim to give insight into the human condition.

Pip Wallis and Jessica O’Brian (VIC). Pip has an independent curatorial and art-writing practice, at the same time that she works as Curatorial Assistant in the Prints and Drawings department of the National Gallery of Victoria. Jessica is an independent curator and Administration Officer at Seventh Gallery. Jessica has curated several projects in artist run spaces, and she is especially interested in post-colonial and politically engaged art, focusing on artistic practices which act as social commentary on contemporary life.

Rennie McDougall (VIC) is an emerging choreographer who seeks to reignite audiences’ own sensory awareness through his work. Rennie has danced for BalletLab, Chunky Move, Luke George and Phantom Limbs. Rennie also choreographed and performed an endurance dance work for Sports Club 2 in the 2010 Next Wave Festival.

Robin Hungerford (NSW) is a visual artist whose work utilises a diverse range of media and techniques including performance, papier-mache, drawing, video, kinetic installations and, on occasion, live insects and animals. He is particularly interested in the way that technology shapes our culture, the perception of the world around us as well as the interior world of our own bodies.

Team MESS (NSW) is a contemporary performance group comprising Dara Gill, Sime Knezevic, Frank Mainoo, Nat Randall and Malcolm Whittaker. Team MESS use public and everyday events as a frame for works that investigate theatricality, spectacle and rituals within established structures. (Photo by Tommy Thoms.)

These Kickstart 2011 artists will work with Next Wave, and with each other, to develop new work for the 2012 Next Wave Festival. Over the course of this year Next Wave will be sharing more information about these artists and their projects online and beyond. Follow their journey as they develop genre-busting, innovative and exciting new projects for our next Next Wave Festival, 3 – 20 May 2012.

2012 Next Wave Festival
3 – 20 May 2012
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