Urban reDesign promotes Art over flagging Timber industry

Art Press Release from Australia. Published by Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon on Monday 07 September 2009.

Urban reDesign promotes Art over flagging Timber industry image

Victoria, Australia. Here's an inspiring example of urban re-design which will help support a rural community's shift in industries.

Bruthen was once a flagging timber town, however the local council is now preparing for the future by developing infrastructure to support the needs of an increasing number of ‘tree-changers’ who are migrating to the community, and the expectations of tourists who like to enjoy Bruthen’s cultural activities, including the monthly village market and annual blues festival.

To highlight the creative output of the town’s artists, Bruthen was given a 100 year old Anglican church to establish a local Arts centre, however the building was in the wrong end of town.

With the assistance of donations and government funding, the church has literally been picked up and moved to the centre of town, where it will be more effective at promoting local artists with its new art gallery when the Art and Information Centre opens later this year.