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Art Press Release from Australia. Published by Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon on Sunday 15 February 2009.

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Anyone who knows a thing or two about independent magazine publishing in Australia has got to be impressed by the fact that ‘Make-Believe’ marks issue number twelve for runway.

Established in 2002 as a distributable space for new work by young, emerging and early career visual artists, this beautifully produced magazine is still kicking along with plenty of stimulating offerings for artists and arts lovers alike.

The ‘Make-Believe’ issue of runway, its Editorial tells us, focuses on ‘the connection between art and artifice, fiction and fantasy.’ In several pieces this theme is explored through its relationship to space. There is a nice interview with New Zealand artist Joanna Langford that looks at her creative process and the way space and story inspire her installations. Langford also speaks about her various residencies, and the story is accompanied by some beautiful pictures of her work.

Marita Fraser’s contribution profiles four artist-run spaces in Berlin, Vienna and Sydney. ‘Spatial Interventions or how I learned to stop worrying and just love the space’ is both engaging and enlightening in its investigation of the way different spaces operate within major cities.

There is a solid review section and, of course, a fantastic collection of artwork. Simon Yates’ Fob Watch, Sara Oscar’s A small volcanic mountain at the end of a street, and Sarah Goffman’s 090266 were personal favourites, although there is no shortage of equally exciting offerings right throughout this edition.

Runway definitely has a Sydneycentric thing going on, but a certain focus on its home base is almost to be expected from an artist-run project like this. With enough to absorb the best part of your Sunday – particularly for emerging and early career artists interested in seeing what their peers are up to – this issue of runway is well worth the $10 cover price.