Object Gallery's website receives a Webby Honoree

Art Press Release from Australia. Published by Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon on Sunday 15 April 2012.

Object Gallery's website receives a Webby Honoree image Object Gallery's website receives a Webby Honoree image

The Webby Awards (known informally as the Oscars of the Internet) have just announced their Nominees and Official Honorees for the 2012 Awards, the 16th instalment of this influential competition. The Object website was recognised as an Official Honoree in the Cultural Institutions category, alongside such organisations as the Louvre in Paris, the Het Concertgebouw in Amsterdam and the Doha Film Institute in the United Arab Emirates.

This year’s Webby Awards received over 8000 entries from around the world. Five nominees are chosen in each category, with a number of Official Honorees also selected in instances where the quality of the entries was high enough, at the discretion of the judges.

Of the five nominees and eleven honorees within the Cultural Institutions category, Object: Australian Centre for Design is the only Australian organisation acknowledged — the remaining fifteen institutions hail from the United States, France, the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates.

All website categories are selected for recognition based on demonstrated excellence in the criteria of: Content; Structure & Navigation; Visual Design; Functionality; Interactivity, and; Overall Experience.

An enormous honour, this designation cements Object as a leader in the digital field within the Australian cultural landscape. The Object website plays host to far more than exhibition information — it houses Object magazine, the Object Eye blog, and an entire Learning section for teachers, students and the inquisitive in all of us. 70 videos (and counting) join education kits and Audio Design Museum tours of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

With no dedicated web team, congratulations must go to all Object staff, who have worked tirelessly to conceptualise, develop and create all of the content that makes the Object website everything that it is — being an Official Honoree in the 16th Webby Awards is the icing on the cake.

Enormous thanks also go to Canvas Group, our generous corporate partners, who worked tirelessly in developing the visual design and technical aspects of the website. Canvas Group continue to work in the development and construction of not only the Object website, but all of our digital elements, and provide invaluable support and advice, helping us to realise our long term digital strategic goals.


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