How to turn an Empty Shop into an Art Space

Art Press Release from Australia. Published by Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon on Monday 23 November 2009.

How to turn an Empty Shop into an Art Space image

If you’d like to learn more about how artists can help to rebuild derelict suburbs, take a look at ‘The Empty Shops Workbook’. Based on research by the UK’s Revolutionary Arts Group, the Artist’s Information Company and Worthing Regeneration, this pretty little PDF contains 25 pages of tested advice on planning, setting up, marketing and operating an Empty Shop.

You’ll also find loads of useful quote references which you can stick into your project proposals should you be trying to convince real estate or local government to give you some free ‘meanwhile’ space, like:

“This is a perfect opportunity to make the most of otherwise unused spaces and bring them back to life for the benefit of the whole community, until demand from suitable long-term business lessees for the vacant premises is found.”
London Informer

“The old fashioned high street, with local shops tailored to the market, is still a sound idea. Allied to the future of shopping as a leisure activity, and the high street may come back to life again.”
Dan Thompson, Empty Shops Network

Download the PDF at

Via Marcus Westbury of Renew Newcastle.