Where you should represent your art business online

Art Press Release from Australia. Published by Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon on Friday 01 February 2013.

One of the main reasons for creating user accounts on popular websites is not actually to promote your business or to extend your network: the primary reason is to protect your brand identity. On websites where users must have a unique user name, you want to be the first to create a user name with your business name. If someone else gets there first they may cause havoc with your branding.

However some websites do not require a unique user name, so at any stage another user will still be able to create an account with your brand name and potentially damage your identity. It’s still useful to create an authentic looking account on these sites, so that visitors to the website have the ability to differentiate between your website and that of others.

Participation beyond a simple user account is optional depending on your business needs.

Artabase has compiled a list of the online websites we have found useful, or necessary, to create a user account on.

The most useful websites are those whose content appears on search results, as these will

1. Twitter
Yes, it goes to number one because according to Ross Dawson, an expert on digital trends, at current growth rates everyone in the USA will have a Twitter account by August 22, 2009.

2. Facebook
Although reaching a mass audience may not be the perogative of your business, it is still worthwhile creating both a Fan page and a Group for your business on Facebook. Although Artabase does use Facebook, we are quite against their terms and conditions, and don’t recommend doing much with it other than claiming your name, and allowing people to become your fans or group members, if only because this makes them feel better.

3. Linked In
Linked In is a sophisticated, networked, professional job search network. Relationship data is solely based around professional profiles, expertise, experience and interests. The main advantage of the website is that people can really only link to you if they know either someone in your network or your correct email address, which helps to filter out alot of the junk connections. It also provides a great way to recommend people you have worked with for other jobs, and to keep track of the business associates with whom you have interacted over the years.

If your website has a blog, you should set it up so that it is registered with Technorati.

If you’re building an empire, register on Techcrunch

Try, but I can’t guarantee you’ll succeed. It’s supposed to be the internet directory. Artabase has been online for over two years and had more than a million unique visitors, and we’re still not accepted there. Go figure.

Places not to list your business:

Wikipedia! It’s not a directory, and it’s pretty much against their terms of service to create a user account which has a business name as its username.