Object Launches Pozible Campaign to raise $20,000 for a digital strategy for Design Emergency

Art Press Release from Australia. Published by Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon on Monday 24 September 2012.

Object Launches Pozible Campaign to raise $20,000 for a digital strategy for Design Emergency image

Object: Australian Design Centre today launched a Pozible crowdfunding campaign to raise $20,000 to develop a digital strategy for Design Emergency.

View the campaign here.

Design Emergency is Object’s outreach education program, striving to create a generation of design thinkers and expert problem solvers. It takes designers into schools, providing students and teachers with a first hand understanding of what design is and how it relates to everything that we do. It provides the skills to create their own individual ways of living and working.

Object has spent the past 12 months piloting variations of Design Emergency across schools in New South Wales. The response to the pilots from participating students, teachers and schools was that there is a strong need for a program like Design Emergency. All of the feedback pointed towards the need to take the program digital so that it can be accessed by students, teachers and designers no matter where they are in Australia.

Object needs a minimum of $20,000 to develop a digital strategy for Design Emergency that will guide and grow the future of the program. It will enable us to research different methods and platforms for delivering content online, including games, apps, and online modules for teacher training. In addition, it will provide a much-needed place for teachers to provide feedback, as well as a valuable point of interaction between Object, teachers, and schools.

The more funds Object raises the further we can take Design Emergency, enabling more children to experience and benefit from it as soon as possible.

“The benefits of this program are enormous. Design Emergency allows students to take complex problems and create solutions where only problems exited before. I would dearly love to see this program rolled out. This is something that is too powerful and too revolutionary for our whole county to stay in a little part of NSW.”
- Michael Alvisse Company Director Schamburg + Alvisse Pty Ltd & Design Emergency Champion

Object is seeking funding for Design Emergency through the Australian based crowdfunding platform Pozible. The method opens up projects to be considered by the public and then be funded by many individuals who see the value in supporting it.

“I am really proud and excited to be launching this campaign for Design Emergency with the Object team. Crowdfunding is definitely something new for us, but experimenting and embracing innovation is what we do at Object. Crowdfunding has the capacity to raise both funds and friends, which is so valuable for Object and Design Emergency. It builds a grass roots supporter base from the inception of the project to completion. Providing a way to engage the public in the process, which is an important part of what Object strives to do.
So please consider getting on board and help support Design Emergency!”
- Steven Pozel, Director, Object: Australian Design Centre

Object’s is also proud to announce we have fantastic ambassadors who act as champions for Design Emergency. They are:
Louise Olsen (Creative Director Dinosaur Designs);
Terri Winter (Managing Director top3 by design);
Michael Alvisse, (Company Director Schamburg + Alvisse Pty Ltd), and;
Lisa Cahill (Executive Director Australian Design Alliance).

The campaign will run for 50 days, ending on Monday 5 November and is anchored by a video directed by Louise Turley (TV Producer/Director at Ghostwhite Media, former ABC Arts Producer). View the campaign site here: www.pozible.com/objectdesignemergency