Subscribe to an art project for only $100, receive 4 limited edition artworks

Art Press Release from Australia. Published by Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon on Tuesday 25 October 2011.

Subscribe to an art project for only $100, receive 4 limited edition artworks image


Australia’s charmingly exclusive live art funding model is now entering its second year.

MEMBERSHIPS ARE OPEN and if last years success was anything to go by things could happen fast.

We’ve all stared through moving windows and imagined a different kind of travel, imagined distances that contract and expand. Spent time, wasted time, found time. On one journey or another we have all found things, found people and found ourselves.

This, the second Field Theory year, we introduce to you four remarkable people: Sarah Rodigari, who welcomes us into the romance of her relocation. Peter Burke, who enlightens our urban banalities. Jackson Castiglione, who pricks our abstemious conceits and Jennifer Jamieson who descends to the depths of our infamy.

These people can include us, provoke us, extend and define us. We are thrilled to support them and invite you to JOIN us this year.

HERE’S HOW IT WORKS: you pay $100 and in exchange you become part of a unique community as well as receiving 4 limited edition gifts throughout the year, made by the artists only for the members of Field Theory. The money generated through the memberships is divided up between 4 projects and goes towards their realisation. This year we have increased the available places to 222.

Go to check out more information on the CURRENT PROJECTS page and JOIN!!

A Field Theory membership is not just a transaction it is a show of faith.

For further information contact Jason Maling on 0415 989 290