Gorgeous art video of flooded, abandoned Paris

Art Press Release from Australia. Published by Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon on Sunday 16 October 2011.

Gorgeous art video of flooded, abandoned Paris image

Paris, France. I love this video which shows Paris early in the morning, flooded and abandoned. “5:46 am” is by Olivier Campagne who graduated from the architecture school in Nantes, France 10 years ago and has since been working in 3d imagery as a partner at ArtefactoryLab, a studio which specialises in architectural images, rendering and film.

The studio collaborates with international architecture studios Ateliers Jean Nouvel, Herzog et De Meuron, Renzo Piano, OMA, Frank Gehry among others.

We got in touch with Olivier to learn a bit more about the video.

“Originally, the film started from the simple idea of Paris being 1 meter underwater, what would such a scene look like? But without any link with a real flood, more a vision of an abstract reflective surface. It could have been chromium or mercury. The work was also inspired by Nicolas Moulin’s “vider paris”.

Rather than an accurate simulation (the Pantheon, in one of the scene, will never be underwater, as it is very high..) the main purpose of the film is to produce an aesthetic and poetic view of the architecture of Paris. At the end of the film, the water is almost seen as a mirror, also related to some urban intervention, such as in Bordeaux, by Michel Corajoud, “le miroir d’eau”.

The film was shot in July 2010, in the early morning. Only a few things have been erased from the original footage (one or two runners and one car). The title comes from the earliest sunrise in 2010. – 5:46am. Most of the buildings and elements in the shot have been 3D modelled in order to produce a reflection on a CGI water surface. Of course, some could link this video with the historical flood of Paris, but this is actually a coincidence.”


“5:46 am” by Olivier Campagne.
Year: 2010.
Editing: Vivien Balzi.
Music: Brice Tillet.

[Video Link via Laughing Squid and BoingBoing]