Must-See experimental, short docu-drama by Amiel Courtin-Wilson

Art Press Release from Australia. Published by Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon on Tuesday 10 May 2011.

Must-See experimental, short docu-drama by Amiel Courtin-Wilson image

Destroying the boundary between documentary and drama is this incredible short film Cicada by Amiel Courtin-Wilson. Starring Daniel P Jones as himself, Cicada provides a gut-wrenchingly intimate insight into an extreme childhood memory which shaped the person Jones was to become in life.

Courtin-Wilson met Jones when he was making a documentary about a theatre group where ex-cons used dramatic expression to them to help recover from their time behind bars (Plan B).

Impressed with Jones’ acting abilities, and touched by the challenges Jones had faced in his youth, Courtin-Wilson workshopped Jones’ autobiographical tale into the following dramatic film.

Courtin-Wilson’s background in experimental video art is visible in the cutting editing style and brutal close ups. It’s effortlessly supported by Germain McMicking’s skillful cinematography, where responsive fluctuations of camera focus and uncomfortable lighting put you further on edge.

The results were so outstanding they were included in the Director’s Fortnight at Cannes (2009), and provided the basis for their forthcoming feature-length film Hail.

This isn’t just a trailor for Hail. This is a creative work in it’s own right which captures an incredible team of talent and experimentation, part of a stylistic genre of harsh social realism currently experiencing a renaissance in Australian Film.

The feature Hail, promises to be equally compelling.

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