Ausin Tung Gallery Closes

Art Press Release from Australia. Published by anonymous on Friday 05 April 2013.


After eighteen months and sixteen exhibitions the Ausin Tung Gallery in Prahran has closed it’s doors to allow resources to be available to the Australia China Art Foundation (ACAF) artist based programs. Established by philanthropist Yashian Schauble, the gallery was a bridge between contemporary art scenes in China and Australia.

Yashian explained her motivation for establishing the gallery as a way “…to build relations within the Asia Pacific region by staging innovative exhibitions and undertaking aligned projects in external spaces, essentially introducing the gallery’s artists to a worldwide market”. From the opening exhibition Shanghai Now, which presented the work of Pu Jie and Mao Yan, together with his recent graduate Fang Kai, to the final exhibition of design products produced in China by internationally renowned designer Michael Young, the gallery opened up a window on contemporary visual arts practice in China. In a period of remarkable change, keeping track of recent developments in the metropolis of Shanghai alone is extremely difficult but with the networks Yashian has established there, in Beijing and around the country, Ausin Tung Gallery was able to feature established artists and those emerging from the cultural cauldron of the new China.

While Ausin Tung achieved its aims, the Australia China Art Foundation has a wider brief to support and cultivate Chinese and Australian artists, to maintain long-term relationships and strengthen the thriving Australian art scene. Accordingly, Yashian has decided to close the gallery and diversify the exhibition program to include exhibitions in major public galleries in Australia and China as well as contributing to the program of the Melbourne Intercultural Fine Art (MIFA) gallery space at Level 1/278 Collins Street Melbourne.

Although the gallery space itself will cease to operate, the works exhibited at Ausin Tung will still be available from ACAF Store, an online fundraising store that is being developed to enable access to artworks by contemporary Chinese and Australian artists. One hundred per cent of profits from the sale of these artworks will go to supporting ACAF’s programs and projects.

The Ausin Tung’s policy was based on “openness, enthusiasm and the spirit of collaboration” says Yashian, and that same vision is shaping ACAF into an important agency for maintaining an energetic exchange of ideas, information and work between Australia and China.

We thank everyone for their support of Ausin Tung Gallery and for their ongoing support of the aims, objectives and activities of ACAF.

历经十八个月的运行与十六个展览的成功开办,位于澳大利亚墨尔本的亚仙画廊(Austin Tung Gallery)宣布关闭。亚仙画廊的人源与资源将转向于发展非赢利机构-澳大利亚中国当代艺术基金会(ACAF)及其艺术项目。公益活动慈善家董亚仙(Yashian Schauble)最初开设的亚仙画廊以及其后创立的澳大利亚中国当代艺术基金会的目标,都是致力于建立中国与澳大利亚之间的艺术交流桥梁。