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Art Press Release from Australia. Published by Gould Galleries on Sunday 05 April 2015.

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The Age: It's a jungle out there, amid riotous colour

For almost a decade, Troy Emery has been working with craft-store materials and methods (glue gun, pompoms and tassel fringing) in queering the taxidermy exhibits of the natural history museum.

A development of all that time spent tracing the contours of animal forms with methodical rows of fluffy colour is a set of drawings, a medium that Emery is exhibiting for the first time.

The patterning of Emery’s pompom pelts has mostly been concentric, and so it is with the drawings. His approach is simple and time-honoured: start with a mark in the centre of the paper and outline it with a band of colour. Each successive band follows any slight distortion in the former, so that you end up with something like contour lines on a map.