Object Designer In Residence: Eastern Weft

Art Press Release from Australia. Published by anonymous on Saturday 13 April 2013.

Object Designer In Residence: Eastern Weft image

FROM WEDNESDAY 10 APRIL, 2013 Through our collaboration with Workshopped, the Object Ground Floor has been transformed into a designer in residence studio. Over the next year, several talented designers will take up the challenge of exposing the design process and move into the space for 8–12 week periods.

Eastern Weft is a weaving cooperative based in Vientiane, Laos. It was founded by Samorn Sanixay and Kaisy Sopabmixay to showcase the beauty and diversity of Lao textiles and craft. Textiles are created entirely by hand. The yarn, produced locally, is hand spun and hand dyed, taking their colours from nature, leaves, seeds, flowers and plants that are in season. Each piece is then hand woven on traditional floor looms.

Slight shifts in texture and colour will exist, reflecting seasonal changes and reveal the unique hand of the weaver.

In their latest evolution they bring ethnic artisans and young designers together, forming a truly inspirational partnership. Collaborating with young Australian designers who share similar values, Eastern Weft are producing hand crafted leather and woven products which are not only beautiful and produced to a high quality, but also cleverly innovative and sustainable. The team are proud to support a model where the design, production, manufacturing processes, and the entire supply chain are transparent.

Eastern Weft aims to save craft and therefore preserve culture. They are creating opportunities for both ethnic artisans and local designers to produce amazing work together.

Eastern Weft will be open from the 10th April. Wednesday to Saturday. They will be presenting a number of workshops during their stay, so keep a watch out for dates to be announced.