Inez de Vega receives $10,000 2014 Georges Mora Foundation Fellow

Inez de Vega is a performance and video artist based in Melb

Art Press Release from Australia. Published by anonymous on Tuesday 01 July 2014.

Inez de Vega receives $10,000 2014 Georges Mora Foundation Fellow image

Referencing compelling visual imagery from the history of art, cinema and theatre, Inez plays with the past to tell contemporary stories of trauma, transgression and psychological neuroses. Inez grew up in a family addicted to Hollywood musicals and it is this popular art form that delivers the starting point for her performances.

By merging a theatrical aesthetic with her own personal allegory, she creates bold characters that combine satire with sincerity.

In her performances, these individuals are often driven to extremes. They transgress social norms and articulate the mental states that collectively we do our best to hide from one another. But whether our mental suffering is the result of a diagnosable psychiatric illness or merely the anxieties of everyday living, Inez believes that we each find a way of acting out our neuroses. And therein lies her obsession: how do we perform our own madnesses?

Announcing the 2014 Georges Mora Foundation Fellow, Caroline Mora Williams commented, “Inez encapsulates what the Georges Mora Foundation values – courage, creativity and the unexpected to challenge the status quo and give strength to new thinking in art.”

The Georges Mora Foundation Fellow is awarded $10,000 generously donated by arts supporters. Inez will also receive in-kind support from the State Library of Victoria and Alliance Française de Melbourne and access to a residency with Centre Intermondes in La Rochelle, France.

“Georges Mora has an esteemed reputation both in Australia and in France for his services to culture and the arts. I am told he was a remarkable human being who railed against the stifling conservatism of Melbourne in the 50s and 60s, encouraging artists to bravely embrace their unique voice. If I were to use two adjectives to describe my practice it would be ‘personal’ and ‘transgressive’ so it feels like the perfect fit to be working with the Foundation in the year ahead. I believe that Melbourne artists, in particular, are indebted to Georges’ legacy and I am very excited to be a part of that.” Inez de Vega

The 2014 Georges Mora Foundation Fellow was selected by a panel of eminent arts and cultural professionals: Mark Burlace – Head of Programming, Melbourne Festival; Ross Coulter – Artist and 2010 Georges Mora Foundation Fellow; Kate Daw – Artist and academic;Robert Heather – Manager, Collection Interpretation, State Library of Victoria; Julie Kantor – Director, Annamila Foundation;Anaïs Lellouche – Curator, Centre Pompidou Australian Association; Louise Vigar – Chair, Georges Mora Foundation; Caroline Williams Mora – Artist and Founder Georges Mora Foundation; and Kit Wise – Artist and academic.

Named in honour of Georges Mora, the renowned restaurateur, art dealer, patron, mentor and cultural catalyst, the Georges Mora Foundation aims to facilitate and encourage new and independent thinking required for the development of art in Australia.

The Georges Mora Foundation Fellowship is awarded each year to a contemporary artist to engage in fresh thinking and to research new possibilities in their art.