Curator calls for EULAs

Art Press Release from Australia. Published by Rebecca Gabrielle Cannon on Monday 15 June 2009.

Curator calls for EULAs image

Jon Paludan, of Boom Pearls Second Life art gallery, has announced an open call for end-user license agreements (EULAs). Everyone is invited to come up with the most creative terms of service, rules, restrictions etc and post them on the Call for EULAs blog.

Call for EULAs identifies that the enticing element of game play is mastering a pre-defined rule set, whilst the creativity particular to the game medium exists in the imaginativeness of new rules. Call for EULAs does this by posing a type of game in itself; it starts no rules for what can be submitted, but may develop them as users submit new rules.

Mostly the site points out how completely un-fun normal EULAs are, whilst creating an opportunity to think about changing what has become an ever-present legal requirement for use of software-based services; one which is very unfair when you consider that most EULAs include a clause whereby the EULA can be changed at any time without warning. No where, but in the world of software, would you sign an agreement like that.

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