Artist Collective, ALLGOLD, to Start New Residency in MoMA PS1’s Adjacent Print Shop Space

Art Press Release from United States. Published by MOMA on Tuesday 09 December 2014.

MoMA PS1 is pleased to announce that Kevin Beasley, Inva Çota, Golnaz Esmaili and Stephen Decker, the four members of artist collective, ALLGOLD, will participate in a residency program initiated in October 2014 at The Print Shop at MoMA PS1.

The residency offers ALLGOLD the opportunity to start an artist-run space located in a storefront on MoMA PS1’s block. In close proximity to the institution, yet, independent from its programming, the collective will create a social space to foster communities in which new ideas and thoughts can manifest and find an audience.

Run by artists for other artists the residency will function as an event space, artist studio, gallery and community center. The diverse backgrounds of the participants which, encompass visual art, design, and music, aim to bring together a variety of creative practices. The program ranges from scheduled events such as screenings, talks, performances, concerts and dance nights to more long term projects that invite other artists and MoMA PS1 audiences to spend time and participate in the residency.