Results of the 9th Semiannual Competition

Art Press Release from United States. Published by anonymous on Tuesday 23 December 2014.

Results of the 9th Semiannual Competition image

Dave Bown Projects is pleased to announce the results of the 9th Semiannual Competition. Gabriela Torres Ruiz received $5,000 USD. Kai Caemmerer, Janie Kidston, Sarah McKenzie, Maja Ruznic, and Heryk Tomassini received $1,000 USD each.

The competition was curated by Steven Matijcio, Curator, Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati; Dominic Molon, Curator of Contemporary Art, RISD Museum; and Marina Pacini, Chief Curator and Curator of American, Modern, and Contemporary Art, Memphis Brooks Museum of Art from submissions that were received from artists from approximately 40 countries.

This competition features images of the work of 25 visual artists. Unrestricted monetary awards to visual artists totaling $10,000 USD were awarded.

““So much of our typical experience of visual art must contend with the loud, insistent, and highly influential voice of context. Lingering somewhere between historicization and overdetermination, the first encounter with an art object has already been shaped by site, citation and surrounding objects. Dave Bown Projects offers something different for both artists and jurors, creating a frontier where one confronts art in an open, relatively unencumbered space outside the comforts of the caption. Rarely does looking feel so foreign, and refreshing.”
— Steven Matijcio, Curator, Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati

““The artist submissions to the Dave Bown Projects 9th Semiannual Competition reflect the continued emphasis in contemporary art on sustaining multidisciplinary, technical prowess and proficiency, and a broad range of subjects and sensibilities. The most impressive and successful presentations demonstrate a profound sophistication in their use of materials, an ability to communicate on either a quietly modest or a wildly ambitious scale, and a knowing sense of aesthetic balance and proportion.”
— Dominic Molon, Curator of Contemporary Art, RISD Museum

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