BCSC is seeking EOIs from Victorian regional artists for an onsite & online exhibition

Art Press Release from Australia. Published by anonymous on Wednesday 18 March 2015.

Bogong Village image Lake Guy, Bogong Village image

VILLAGE EOI - The Bogong Centre for Sound Culture is seeking EOIs from Victorian regional artists to contribute to the project through site responsive artworks that will be exhibited at Bogong Village and through the BCSC website. The BCSC is particularly interested in artists working in digital and temporal modes including sound and video art, environmental and land art and photography.

The project is dependent on cultural funding and therefore we are only seeking EOIs at this stage with the understanding that the project will only proceed with the aid of financial support. It is anticipated that the project will take place at Bogong Village in the first half of 2016.

VILLAGE interrogates the industrial and social history of Bogong Village, using contemporary art practices to document and contextualise its evolution through physical and virtual encounters. It explores the transformation of a unique wilderness area into the Kiewa hydroelectric scheme, and the development and decline of the township. The project draws on local knowledge, historical resources and current village stakeholders to provide a social context that connects past and present. It uses site-specific artworks posited throughout the village to generate temporal, spatial and haptic encounters supplemented by online material designed to augment firsthand experiences. The online component will provide additional access points for audiences to facilitate a transnational dialogue that provides new experiences of site through the convergence of social, cultural, ecological and industrial influences.

Established in 1939 as field headquarters for the Kiewa scheme. In the early 1940’s Bogong Village was a thriving town with facilities to support 300 workers and their families. Over ensuing decades the town’s focus shifted from an industrial hub to a holiday destination for SEC workers. By the late 1990’s the leasehold had passed into private hands. Today, Bogong Village is a remote community comprising few permanent residents and limited infrastructure. The village relies heavily on winter patronage, competing against Falls Creek and Mount Beauty for business and attention. Due to the seasonal nature of work in the alpine region the village tends to attract a transient population. Additionally older residents have relocated to surrounding townships to access better amenities and services. These displaced and transient communities have helped define Bogong Village yet they lack a presence or voice at the village. VILLAGE acknowledges their contribution to the region by reinstating their voices and experiences. Through this project, audiences will encounter a rich and significant social and cultural heritage that contributed to the founding of the Victorian Alps.

5pm EST Monday, June 1, 2015

For more information http://bogongsound.com.au/events/village-eoi/