Issue 01: Feral is now online

Art Announcement from Australia. Published by Centre for Creative Arts on Sunday 31 May 2015.

Issue 01: Feral is now online image

‘Feral’ is the first issue of Unlikely. Undisciplined, disorderly, and extravagant, ferals disrupt and rewrite practices, places, and cultures. To be or do feral is to misbehave, to disregard rules, boundaries and the very conditions of orderly movement.

Ferals are both above and beneath domestication, un-homely, unstable, uncanny. Always out of place, these biotic hitchhikers prefer to take over the whole damn road.

The works in this issue examine or enact the stigmatization or the celebration of ferals, investigate or dismantle the cultural category ‘feral’, or themselves refuse domestication, go wild, and participate in the dismantling of stable ecologies. They include works that are transdisciplinary or cross arts or more or less disciplined, including writing, performance, media art, sound work, video.

This first issue includes contributions by Rebecca A. Adelman, Helen Addison-Smith, Ian Andrews and Eric Bridgeman and Ruark Lewis, Ben Byrne and Dale Gorfinkel and Anthony Magen, Emily Carr, Gonzalo Ceballos and Renuka Rajiv, Robyn Ferrell, Katherine Gibson and Kate Rich, Silvana Iannello, Hester Joyce, and Nick Moore.