Ann Snell Gallery photo

Art is a powerful means of communication, passion, expression and cultural identity. Behind every piece of art is a meaning, an artist, and a story. Ann Snell knows this quite well, as she regularly visits Central Australia, to purchase authentic contemporary aboriginal art work for her gallery in Sydney.
The Ann Snell Gallery opened in 2003, began humbly with Ann borrowing $3,000 to purchase her first collection. Ann’s passion and keen eye for art, soon paid off with her first show selling out.

The quest for hand picking authentic Aboriginal Art Work leads Ann to travel to many remote places in Central Australia, where she is able to immerse herself in aboriginal culture and heritage. Ann offers and encourages clients to have a personal consultation, where they can ask questions, learn more about the artist and the story behind the art work. The gallery also offers a wedding registry service, where friends and family can contribute to an artwork of the bride and grooms choice.