Anna Pappas Gallery photo

Über Gallery was established in December 2003 and in July 2009 was renamed Anna Pappas Gallery, after its founder and director, Anna Pappas and moved to 2-4 Carlton Street Prahran, in the inner city of Melbourne.

The gallery is devoted and committed to the promotion and exchange of culture and fine arts. It supports and exhibits the work of established Australian and international artists who are considered instrumental to the artistic developments of the past two decades, and who actively contribute to contemporary art. Equally, the gallery represents emerging artists, who possess the recognisable potential to play a key role in future discourse.

Anna Pappas Gallery will in its new premises focus entirely on providing exceptional opportunities to experiment and expand art practices drawing on a group of artists from across Australia and the globe. The gallery consists of three exhibition spaces, as well as a project space, stockroom, and bookshop. It provides a framework in which artists can communicate and collaborate.

The gallery has an extensive collection of original artwork by exclusively represented artists working in a wide variety of media including works on paper, painting, collage, sculpture, photography, installation and new media.

The Gallery Director is a member of the Australian Commercial Gallery Association (ACGA) and operates according to the Code of Practice as set out by ACGA, NAVA and the Australia Council.

The ground floor of the gallery is wheelchair accessible.

Carolyn Fels Christina Hayes Cyrus Tang David Palliser Elisabeth Weissensteiner Grant Nimmo Jayne Dyer Johnnie Dady Julia Robinson Matt Coyle Michael Georgetti Owen Leong Paolo Consorti Rod Moss Sam Grigorian Vin Ryan Warren Vance Karen Casey