Conny Dietzschold Gallery photo

Conny Dietzschold moved from Cologne, Germany to Sydney, Australia in December 2000. In October 2001 she established her two galleries, Conny Dietzschold Gallery and Multiple Box Sydney, within the 2 Danks Street Gallery Complex, along with 9 other Australian and International galleries and a cafe/restaurant. In June 2011, Conny Dietzschold Gallery made the bold move of relocating to the ever-expanding art precinct of Darlinghurst. The past three years have seen Crown Street and the Darlinghurst precinct blossom with an influx of creative companies, art galleries, trendy cafes and restaurants ready to make their mark on this hugely popular suburb in Sydney’s CBD. In 2013, BackStage Project Space was formed to provide emerging artists, curators and academics a platform for experimental and experential art. Located in Crown Lane directly behind Conny Dietzschold Gallery, the space is set amongst trendy wine and tapas bars that have a uniquely European feel.

Conny Dietzschold initiated and runs the Sydney East Art Walk four times every year in the Darlinghurst precinct. Growing to showcase 17 participating local galleries, the Sydney East Art Walk has succeeded in establishing a thriving art community and sparking interest from Sydney at large. Since 2006, Conny Dietzschold has also curated and exhibited in furniture showrooms such as SPACE Furniture, FORMAT, Gelosa Furniture and CoshLiving. She has curated exhibitions for regional galleries such as Port Macquarie Glass House, Tin Sheds (University of Sydney) and the project space at the PowerHouse Museum. Conny Dietzschold Gallery is an influential player in the Australian and international arts scene, the CONNY DIETZSCHOLD GALLERY, MULTIPLE BOX SYDNEY & BACKSTAGE PROJECT SPACE are three galleries one must include in their Sydney Art schedule. Conny Dietzschold has been and continues to be an important and influential Gallery owner, Curator and Consultant in the Australian and International Art Market.

Conny Dietzschold also runs Meditation Space, a meditation centre in East Sydney. This is an extension of her vision and appraoch to art. It is the need for a person to find an inner stillness which she sees as important to our nature. Dietzschold says, “There is a dance between the heart and the intellect. Sometimes, perhaps, the heart is the intellect – it is what influences some of our greatest decisions. Art can also be viewed as the heart and mind of the artist – it is being able to see on the outside what one is experiencing on the inside. When we look at what an artist has created, we respond with what is within ourselves. The heart and the intellect cannot really be separated.’ Art is a language that takes some time to understand – when we are still, when our mind is still, combined with knowledge, we become far more aware of the subtleties of Art and enjoy it to a greater extent. Conny Dietzschold also created and coached the Happiness Project and ‘Developing and Recovering your Creativity,’ both 12-week courses. She writes for monthly lifestyle and art columns in Australia and Germany (Polo De Marco Magazine and Zeitgeist Magazine) and is the author of ‘Ordinary People – Extraordinary Lives’, available in 2014.