A Thousand Plateaus Art Space photo

A THOUSAND PLATEAUS is an art space for contemporary Chinese art with branches in Chengdu and Beijing. As a professional gallery, we provide a well-equipped exhibition space, a screening room for audio-visual material and an advanced online database of artistic works.

The artistic vision of the gallery runs parallel to the philosophical ideas formulated by the French philosophers Deleuze and Guattari in their book Mille Plateaux (Thousand Plateaus). In line with their views, A Thousand Plateaus wants to provide a space where the artists and the artworks all form different independent entities (�plateaus�) with their own rationale and right to exist, thus urging viewers to develop their personal understanding and interpretation of the artworks.

A Thousand Plateaus Art Space dedicates itself to the research, exhibition, publication and collection of experimental projects related to contemporary Chinese art. Through its close connection with other scientific fields such as philosophy, sociology and architecture, it creates a multi-layer communication platform with a variety of activities, ranging from intimate gatherings with artists, critics and collectors to large-scale international cooperation projects.

A Thousand Plateaus Art Space maintains a focus on talented and mature artists whose work possesses a distinct value, such as He Duoling, He Gong, Shen Xiaotong, Shi Jindian and Shu Qun, but equally aims to promote the work of new creative talent, amongst them Chen Qiulin, Li Lang and Xiao Kegang.