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AAMD/ Artemundi Partners in Mexico shares the ArtemundiGroup.com network, but we place emphasis in the Modern Mexican & Latin American art of our region. Our experience, responsibility, and absolute discretion are paramount. Family owned and operated, dates its origins in Spain from a XIX century collection. AAMD/ Artemundi Partners started acquiring inventory from Latin-American artists in 1989.

Understanding art is a noble effort that enriches the lives of those who pursue it. At Artemundi, we strive to make this task easier by helping you to differentiate between “good” and “bad” art, setting both objective and subjective standards for this great ongoing discourse. Our goal is to make art understandable: to help you recognize what goes into a work’s creation, and why it is worth your time to study, evaluate, and collect it. Artemundi Partners assists a discerning international clientele of individual and institutional collectors in the acquisition of works and in short- and long-term management of their collections. We aid our clients in both the purchase and sales of works, discreetly and confidentially. Our team of experts conducts thorough research into every work that we consider recommending to our clients as a potential investment. This research includes, but is not limited to, provenance, condition, technique, quality, rarity, appraisals, market pricing, authentication, and scholarship. Great works of art, unique and rare, will appreciate in value for generations to come.

AAMD/ Artemundi Partners. is publishing art books, as part of our mission on education. If you are interested in the monographic volume on Mario Carreño, please write to carreno@artemundi.net. If you are inquiring about The Art of Collecting Art, please write to info@artemundipartners.com. You may also visit our parent company at www.artemundipartners.com The Art of Collecting Art edition II is a book of historical and firsthand accounts that reveal the secrets of the mysterious and inaccessible world of art. The book beautifully exhibits the technical aspects of art and the art market, enriched with reproduced artworks, anecdotes and the personal experiences of Mr. Javier Lumbreras, a fifth generation art collector from Spain. The Art of Collecting Art delves into the realms of the products and professional services involved in art collecting as well as portraying how a tasteful and significant art collection is formed. This second edition of the book is being reproduced by Banco Nacional de Mexico, CITIBank. If you are interested in purchasing a copy of this book by the time it is released in Autumn 2011, please email info@artemundipartners.com.