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The Swiss AB GALLERY with locations in Zurich and Lucerne has focussed on the cultural exchange between Switzerland/ Europe and the whole Islamic World for many years. We have taken great care in maintaining our contacts to artists, collectors and interested people and cultural institutions, building a fascinating network and many friendships.

A helpful and most significant network built up by local personalities for relations between the AB GALLERY partners living in the UAE. Through these connections the AB GALLERY has permanent contacts in the region.

Art from the Islamic World is often unjustly met with prejudice, which is certainly due to the fact that contemporary art from these regions has not been shown frequently so far in European countries. The exceedingly dynamic artistic modernity still goes largely unnoticed by the European art community. We have established the AB Gallery to strive to trace and discover these highlights and establish outstanding artists on the international art market. Both the Lucerne and Zurich locations offer the perfect framework to get to know and appreciate art from these regions. Our program includes a variety of artistic positions ranging from traditional painting to performance art.

Additionally, in 2010 AB GALLERY Zurich opened AB PROJECTS which constitutes a platform for young innovative art from the Islamic World. We also provide an artist-in-residence programme for young artists from these regions in collaboration with the CULTURAL BRIDGE FOUNDATION (CBF) which has been initiated by the AB GALLERY. The artists-in-residence are invited to work for 2-3 months in our own studio in Lucerne and receive the opportunity to broaden their horizon by experiencing new impulses, which will stimulate their artistic work and creativity. On the other hand European artists are also introduced to the Arab World and Iran. The AB Gallery in cooperation with the CBF also organizes round tables and podium discussions about various topics concerning culture, economy and politics that bring together people interested in art from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Art knows no borders, no religions, no language barriers. Art connects and demands tolerance. The language of art is universal.