Jessica Kimmel Fine Art Photography photo

I have one husband, two kids, three dogs and about ten to fifteen koi in a pond in my backyard. I am an award winning photographer, and have been creating art since grade school. At age 11, I began taking art classes every Saturday afternoon. Throughout high school, I continued drawing and painting in a variety of mediums and ultimately settled at Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia, pursuing a career in the professional arts.

While at Moore, Ie received many accolades from my instructors and won competitions where my work was featured in magazines. Upon graduation, I settled in to a career as a graphic designer. Finding that creatively stunting, I set out to pursue my true creative passions.

Self-taught, I fell in to photography as a means of generating reference photos for future art projects. However, I found the photo process was more fun. Embracing the medium, my work has been exhibited in several group shows in New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Florida. My work has been described as “wonderful”, “brilliant”, “gorgeous color and detail”, “great perspective”.

Like most photographers, I am always looking for that unique perspective or “special something” in an image. My work embraces various styles from clean crisp well-defined images with an interesting and vital point of view to compelling composition and fresh simplicity. My aim is to entice the viewer to look at the details to become aware of the color and form of the subject. Even when using textures to enhance a photo, the viewer is drawn in and the subject maintains its focus and importance.

I am very excited to share my views of the world through my images and I look forward to you enjoying this voyage of mine …just as much as I do myself!

I’d love for my journeys to become just as much yours – so jump on and let’s enjoy the ride!