Anna Gonzalez is a female artist born in Spain, currently working in Australia.
Anna  Gonzalez image

Anna Gonzalez was born in Barcelona and grew up in Spain. She belongs to a generation that had to live with the consequences of a long dictatorial military regime that had 40 years of support from powerful ruling institutions like the Catholic Church.

Much of her work is an investigation into the popular myths of religious imagery and the rituals performed by the Catholic Church in Spain. With its long history of intrusiveness into the political life of Spain, the Church occupied psychological spaces in the Spanish mentality that has contributed to shaping a fantastic and irreverent Surrealistic frame of mind in its citizens.

Anna has developed a unique technique for her work that involves a very personal approach. She makes incisions on a piece of wood or a plywood panel that has been prepared following the Icon making formula. She calls this technique ‘sgraffitos’.