Kathy Slamen is a female artist born in Canada, currently working in Canada.
Kathy Slamen image

After receiving her first camera at the age of 5, Kathy quickly developed a passion for images, and became enchanted by the possibility of being able to tell a story through photos. After pursuing an undergraduate degree in Creative Writing at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, she explored the realm of cinema, obtaining a BFA in Film Production, writing and directing several award winning shorts. After working in the industry for several years, she returned to her passion – photography, and has not looked back since.

Her work has been part of numerous festivals and juried exhibitions, and has shown in numerous group and solo shows in Montreal, Toronto, Detroit, Seattle, Arizona, New York and throughout Europe. She is currently living in Montreal, and is in the pre-produciton stages of her documentary that will examine how the ease and accessibility of digital photography (self portraiture in particular) can be used as a creative tool for healing and self discovery.